Maintenance Services

If you have a freshwater aquarium, pond or water feature that requires maintenance we can happily organise either regular, one off or emergency service and are just a phone call away. If your aquarium has a water quality problem, problems with fish health, or something as simple as the owners being away on holiday and the aquarium requires maintenance we will be able to help. Depending on the size and number of fish, the volume of water and your own requirements for the appearance of your aquarium, most freshwater aquariums will benefit from a water change every three to four weeks while most ponds will benefit from a water change every few months.

When we come out to maintain your aquarium or pond we will;

  Test Water
  Check fish health
  Clean glass (aquariums only)
  Syphon water & clean gravel
  Clean ornaments if necessary
  Clean filters, impellers & inspect other equipment
  Medicate if necessary